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  • Will you work with us without a Architect or Equipment Dealer?
    Yes we can inspect your building utilities and HVAC requirements along with verification of existing grease trap. We can field measure and provide a preliminary layout during your due diligence period. We work with many Architects and Engineers in South Florida and can recommend the right design professionals for your project. Hiring us first will save you money and insure the most important part of your investment the kitchen is addressed properly and not just an after thought, with space allocations that are not suitable for your concept.

  • Can you incorporate and/or find us used equipment?
    Yes we would be happy to search for used equipment in a effort to cut cost. We recommend completing the floor plan and mech/elec rough-in plan first, so that we can be looking for equipment that will work for your building utilities and space requirements.

  • Why should I pay for the service? The Kitchen Contractor said he would do the design for free.
    Let's look at this logically and determine if this is your best course of action. We have all heard the old sayings that you "get nothing for free" and that will always be the case. Let's ask a few questions: Is it really free or will the costs be built into their prices and how can you verify this? What are their qualifications and experience in operating and managing a restaurant and a working kitchen? Undoubtedly, they have the know-how to build a bench or install a stove but what is their practical experience? Like any business, the Kitchen Contractor is trying to maximize their profits and will usually make decisions based on their best interest. Is the Contactor able to source all Brands of Equipment or products and supply them to you at reasonable cost? If something doesn't go to plan, equipment is short supplied or there is a dispute over what has been supplied, what recourse do you have and who will adjudicate? Will they supply detailed documentation of their offer in the way of products and services? This is extremely important for the success of the project. Do you fully understand the scope of their works? Do you really know what they are supplying and are you able to determine if there are inconsistencies in their offer? Is the Contractor designing to a budget simply to win the work or is their advice based on your future business success? There are far too many documented stories of Contactors offering Design and Construct (D&C) contracts that don't meet the client expectations and exceed budgets. Your Consultant should be able to provide constructive impartial advice covering the full range of Equipment and contractors available without any obligations to any particular Supplier/ Manufacturer/Contractor, ultimately providing you with a broader choice and Value for money.


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